Systems Thinking Workshop

Systems Thinking Workshop (in 2 sessions)

The Circular Economy & Eco Design

Cynthia Kreidy

Ms. Cynthia Kreidy is a civil engineer and systems thinking expert. She holds a master’s degree in system dynamics and a graduate degree in green technologies – green building specialization. She took part in the 2020 circular economy pioneers’ program at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Cynthia was involved in several client projects across Europe from the public and the private sectors. She is currently based in Lebanon and working as a consultant to local and international organizations. With her diverse background, she aims at promoting and implementing circular economy practices across different fields using a "systems" approach.

Seminar Content


During the workshop, participants will learn about the Systems Thinking method as well as the different tools used to build a systems map. Systems Thinking equips users with a holistic lens that allows them to capture the different elements when tackling complex problems. This is quite useful when working on problems that require the intervention of circular economy practices since they are often complex. In addition, Systems Thinking provides participants with the tools to visualize loops and circularities within systems, which is aligned with the circular economy principles.

Together with the facilitator and the modeler, the participants will define, map and solve a problem that falls within the circular economy context. At the end of the session, participants will have learned a new method that equips them with new tools such as defining messy problems, building a causal loop diagram, and identifying leverage points of intervention in a systems map.

October 13, 2020 - October 15, 2020
05:30 pm - 07:30 pm


1 Unit CE




The Circular Economy & Eco Design


The Circular Economy & Eco Design

Sustainable Development Goals

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Sustainable Cities & Communities
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Using Systems Thinking methods to design Circular Economy solutions

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The Circular Economy & Eco Design

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