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EcoConsulting is a sustainability consultancy with a focus on reworking the relationship between businesses, institutions, industries, municipalities, builders, households and the Environment through greater energy-efficiency, better resource use, pollution mitigation, as well as healthier and circular solutions. We offer specialized eco-building advice as well as general environmental consulting, including corporate environmental policies and awareness campaigns, carbon footprint analysis, environmental education activities, and coaching eco & social entrepreneurs.

As part of our mission to promote sustainability and regenerative solutions, we launched the Circular Hub, an interactive learning space where we share our experience and the knowledge of others in the environmental field.

The Circular Hub is an interactive learning space focusing on transferring knowledge about the circular economy and regenerative environmental solutions that also aims to tackle social and economic challenges. We offer seminars, workshops, activities and games in a broad range of environmental topics, through collaboration with various field experts.

A Certificate is an attestation offered by the Circular Hub confirming that you have attended a series of seminars or workshops in one or more of the Tracks that we offer, familiarizing you with the topics covered. 

In addition to achieving self-growth, a Certificate boosts your CV, can be used as a reference, and may increase your chances of landing a new job or winning a proposal. It validates your understanding of the issues at hand and enables you to apply them to your field of studies or work.

Each Track corresponds to a different category of environmental topics. Our seminars & activities are sorted according to the main track that describes their content. Attending seminars/workshops allows you to earn units in one of the 4 tracks. To achieve a Certificate in one of the tracks, you need to attend a certain number of units from this track while the rest can be selected from other tracks. For more information, check this page.

We encourage family, friends, students and/or colleagues to share our Packages as it allows for a more diverse crowd to attend our seminars and acquire knowledge about various environmental topics. It also makes it more affordable per person as each attendee would benefit from the package or group discount!

Pre-paid packages expire after 2 years. Since we offer our series of seminars a few times a year, that gives you several chances to attend and also earn a Certificate if the timing of some activities didn't suit you. You can also offer some of the pre-paid courses to a friend should you be unable to attend some.

Our Gift Cards are simply pre-paid seminars or packages that you can offer anyone as a gift! They are valid for 2 years and can be used for any seminar/workshop. It is an opportunity to offer a meaningful educational and environmentally-friendly gift, encouraging self-growth.

Generally all seminars related to Green Buildings and sustainability in the building industry are counted as LEED CE (Continuing Education) hours. These courses usually fall under the GB Track.

Yes, earning LEED CE (Continuing Education) hours is independent from the Certificate earned at the Circular Hub. You can attend some seminars to report CE hours with seminars from other tracks as well, without worrying about the Certificate.

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