Neuroscience for Environmental Behavior Change & Designing an Environmental Campaign

Neuroscience for Environmental Behavior Change & Designing an Environmental Campaign

Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge

Samah Karaki

Neuroscientist, Consultant, Speaker & Co-Founder of the Social Brain Institute.

After 10 years of research in the field of learning and stress-related behaviors, she co-found in 2014 the Social Brain Institute translating knowledge from many different disciplines including cognitive neuroscience, education, psychology, technology and design into innovative approaches. Using simple strategies that align with how people’s brains learn and remember information, SBi generates interactive, learner-centered learning methods using action-oriented and transformative pedagogy. Today, SBi is developing programs using our understanding of the human brain to improve organizational culture and performance, leadership and eco-citizenship thriving to contribute in the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Samah hold a master 1 degree in ecology and evolution, a master’s degree in cognitive neuroscience and a PhD in Neuroscience.

Seminar Content


Our past and current efforts in facing environmental challenges have tended to rely on providing incentives or disincentives, and raising awareness about the dire consequences of our behaviors. Nevertheless, if you are tasked with developing a strategy to curb the harmful attitudes and behaviors towards the environment, your strategy requires a holistic approach to creating solutions as you want to develop interventions that last and make a difference.

In addition to the mentioned tools, this course will shed a light on how our cognitive biases, emotions and decision-making environments all impact our behaviors and choices. The main goal is to offer an introductory guide which can help you to identify the behavioral barriers and solutions to overcoming the biggest environmental threats. you’ll come away from this course with:

1.            a clearer understanding that climate change requires behaviorally-informed solutions and

2.            the capacity to build a practical framework for developing, implementing and evaluating behavior change interventions

3.            an understanding of key principles underpinning maintenance of behaviour change

Part 1 will introduce participants to foundational neuroscience principles. This will help us explore some key findings regarding human behavior and decision making from a cognitive neuroscience perspective and discuss them with regard to unsustainable decision making and behavior.

Part 2 will explore the experimental endeavors of a number of national governments, NGOs and global institutions in attempting to re-imagine policy making in an era where the cognitive, emotional, neurobiological and behavioural processes of the citizen are seen as the new target points of strategic policy strategy. This day culminates in an exercise where participants apply the knowledge and skills developed in the session to a campaign of interest.

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3 Units SE




Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge


Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Knowledge

Sustainable Development Goals

Life Below Water
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Partnerships for the Goals
Climate Action
Reduced Inequalities
Life On Land

Who is it for?

Everyone interested in influencing positive behavior change, in particular for environmental or social action & activism.

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